Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Kelli Fox

The second Lunar Eclipse of 2018 will be at nearly 5 degrees Aquarius on July 27th. It will be conjunct Mars retrograde and square Uranus in Taurus. Yikes! The previous Lunar Eclipse on January 31st was in Leo. This revives the Leo/Aquarius theme. The conflict between self-expression and the collective is back, but with more emphasis on the collective and what’s good for all humanity. A detached, progressive, contrarian, future- and technology-minded Moon may be just what the world needs to help us all detach from our personal dramas.

Seeking Progressive Solutions

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius reminds us that we’re all just one of seven billion people on Earth, and that we are our brothers’ keepers. No one is an island, and the Aquarius Moon has a deep fear of all human categories since they’re social constructs. Aquarius is about breaking barriers and tipping sacred cows. The Aquarius Lunar Eclipse arouses a gut instinct to rebel from tradition and to seek progressive and technological answers to humanity’s problems.

 Intense Urgency

Of course, the Aquarian Lunar Eclipse is not without drama, since it’ll conjunct Mars retrograde. Mars and the Moon together make an emotionally explosive pair, raw and immature, though less so in Aquarius. Mars retrograde conjunct the Lunar Eclipse creates intense urgency. This aspect could also rouse more infighting over ideals and philosophies, with the fighters thinking that the ends justify the means, because they’re getting what they want and what they think is best. Of course, since Mars is retrograde, it isn’t done directly, but in a roundabout or clandestine way.

Explosive Changes

The Lunar Eclipse will also square Uranus, meaning that matters of the heart, emotions, and gut reactions are subject to spontaneous and even explosive changes, particularly when it comes to our values and what we own. Uranus in Taurus changes our attitudes about what we value and what we think represents traditional values, if anything at all. It’ll create tension with the Aquarian Lunar Eclipse, which doesn’t value traditions over human beings, and only really finds value in what serves a progressive purpose. Everything else must be destroyed or tossed aside. Yet, whose values are the best for all humanity? The Lunar Eclipse is never objective, even in Aquarius.

 Manifesting Universal Good

This is a global Lunar Eclipse in our serious times, because overall, it reminds people that even our needs and fears can be the inspiration for manifesting universal good. Aquarius is the equalizer, and the Aquarius Lunar Eclipse rouses the desire to share knowledge with others and to incorporate all people in a struggle against regression. This Lunar Eclipse is a call to let the mind, rather than the heart, do the thinking.




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