Lunar Eclipse

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There’s a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius at 15 degrees on June 5th. 

The Lunar Eclipse opposes Venus and squares Mars and Neptune.

Larger than Life

During this Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and depending on how this influence affects the other planets and points in your chart, you may find others larger than life and in jolly moods that at times may seem excessive and over the top. Also, recent steps you may have taken to add some zest to your life could be working.

A Full Plate

You may find at this time, you are no longer plagued by feelings of boredom and have a full plate where life is to be experienced at maximum speed. It may seem you are more able to enjoy getting up when the promise of an action packed day lies ahead of you.  A trip you’ve planned might be approaching or you may be pleasantly surprised at how well you’re grasping new things. Your bright spirits won’t go unnoticed by others. Spend time with a group of pals doing what you enjoy best as there are optimistic (if not a little excessive) times to be had.


You could be feeling carefree for no particular reason, so impulses may reign. Your positive attitude generates goodwill from others. Even doom and gloom folks won’t get you down at this time! The days look too bright and glorious for any negative vibes. Make sure to accept an invitation to a fun event where you can meet others. Just watch the tendency to chat your listener’s ear off or to be stuck in your head, clueless to subtle hints around you. As the moon begins to wane, you might want to ease up on the heavy social schedule and get back into your usual routine.

Lunar Eclipse opposite Venus

During the course of this brief transit, we might find that some people are oversensitive, taking offense where none was intended. There’s a strong tendency to project our feelings onto others, particularly those to whom we feel closest. Memories surface that inhibit our coming together with others, and unexpressed emotional content affects the way we see and relate to other people. Since creative energies are heightened at this time, perhaps the best course of action is to focus on that aspect and try to limit interpersonal contact until this influence is over.

Lunar Eclipse square Mars

This impatient, jumpy energy will only last a few hours but can be quite irritating while it’s here. Suddenly folks are touchy and hypersensitive, taking offense where none was intended, becoming easily defensive and having emotional outbursts. It’s too easy to have one’s feelings hurt during this brief period and wounds that take only seconds to inflict may take much longer to heal. Impulsive or emotionally based actions are likely during this time, and usually won’t be beneficial in the long term. Tempers are short and arguments can easily ensue if folks give in to the self-indulgence or selfishness that this transit can create.

Lunar Eclipse square Neptune

We’d be best off if we avoided making business and personal decisions until this short transit is over, because we could easily misread even the clearest information or misinterpret the issues at hand. Our perceptions are clouded at this moment and we’re in a vulnerable position. We can be deceived because of it. Plus, our attention wanders off again and again as we succumb to the escapist tendencies this influence inevitably brings. We’re oversensitive and may misconstrue what others say. This is a good time to lay low and utilize our preferred method for staying grounded. It’s particularly important to avoid addictive substances and behaviors right now.

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