Lunar Eclipse

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Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: January 10th

The Lunar Eclipse will be opposing Mercury, Jupiter (widely), Saturn and Pluto and sextile Neptune

Connected to Others

During the Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, you can develop a warmer, more loving spirit in your home and with people you’re close to. You may feel a sense of contentment with the quality of people you have in your life. Steps you had taken to garner support from the people who are most important to you may begin to show. Knowing that you have a community behind you can heighten your own feelings of self-worth. Of course, how you feel about yourself shouldn’t depend on anyone, but it sure helps to know that you are loved.

Home Life

If you have been trying to establish a new home or improve the one you have, your efforts should reveal themselves at this time. Generosity seems to be the mood of the day. You may find yourself giving as well is receiving various baked goodies from friends. You might want to invite a couple buddies over for terrific meal made from your own hands. Generating good times in your home is a wonderful way to recharge the energy within your space. Bless the corners of your home with some aromatic incense or wild sage. Come up with additional ways to further create your ideal home.

Lunar Eclipse opposing Mercury

Misunderstandings can easily occur during the brief period of this transit, for several reasons. Our perceptions are off right now, because we’re filtering information through our network of emotions, which means it won’t arrive at the other end of the process in the same condition that it went in. Communication and all forms of expression are emotionally tinged, both in the giving and the receiving. We think we know how other people feel, when actually we’re simply projecting our own emotions onto them. We may feel nervous and high-strung for no apparent reason. Happily, this influence will fade in a few short hours.

Lunar Eclipse opposing Jupiter

We are imbued with a false sense of optimism for these few hours, and all sorts of things can happen in this short time span. The future suddenly seems so rosy that we feel we can certainly afford the extra piece of cake, that extravagant purchase we’ve been denying ourselves or one more drink (which may well be one too many). We just don’t know when to quit. Exaggerated emotional expression isn’t out of the realm of possibility; nor are demonstrations of extreme and probably intolerant faith. This is a poor time to make business decisions, due to bad judgment and a tendency to overspend.

Lunar Eclipse opposing Saturn

Feelings of isolation and pessimism suddenly loom large under this temporary but draining transit. Old emotions emerge to block our productivity. We feel critical and judgmental toward ourselves and others, too. There’s little that will please us right now. The demands of supervisors and authority figures feel more onerous than usual and we drag our feet in fulfilling them. Family issues seem to take on more significance and everything seems weighty and burdensome. It’s all too easy to project our emotions onto our parents or our bosses at this time, making them responsible for our own problems. The best use of this energy is simply to put our noses to the grindstone and keep on working.

Lunar Eclipse opposing Pluto

Emotional control issues surface very easily during this intense once-a-month transit, brief though it is. Fortunately, at this time we’re able to become more aware of our issues through our interactions with others. We can be on either the giving or the receiving end of manipulation, possessiveness or jealousy, and each of these represents a different image of attempts to control another person. Labeling these actions for what they are will help us identify and eradicate them, and replace them with more authentic, mature responses. Don’t be secretive. Emotional honesty and depth are the promises of this transit.

Lunar Eclipse sextile Neptune

This energy is very subtle but very sweet. Only the most sensitive among us will observe it and use it. Intuition is heightened and there is a soft, dreamy feeling in the air. Our compassion is aroused so we feel inclined to press coins into beggars’ hands, take home the puppy in the store window and listen sensitively to a friend sharing a problem. This is not the time to try to focus on practical tasks, because our minds are easily distracted and prone to daydreaming. We should drink lots of tea and water so our bodies stay well hydrated.


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