Lunar Eclipse

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Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn @ 24 degrees

The Lunar Eclipse will oppose Venus in Cancer, conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Neptune in Pisces

Career Opportunities

During the Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, your inbox or voicemail may contain promising messages regarding a career opportunity, if that’s what you seek at this time. Your efforts could generate the kind of response that you’ve been hoping for. Although there may not be a guarantee of a new position, getting feedback is always great for your self-esteem. If you’ve been questioning your recent decisions, you may become more certain by what the universe seems to be sending your way. Your hunches have gotten you this far in life. Continue following the many leads that arise.

Financial Security

A proactive attitude allows you to feel in charge of your own destiny. There is a delicate balance between financial security and meaningful employment. Where are you in that balance? You may want to narrow your search. Perhaps you need to investigate further career options or research the benefits that a certain company has to offer. You might also want to check out the stock performance or the track record of a business you’re considering an investment in. A little diligence on your part should grant you a step towards fulfilling your goals.

Long-term Goals

This is an excellent energy to focus on long-term strategies and make lasting commitments. Situations will come to ahead at this time and decisions you make now will be long lasting.

Full Moon opposite Venus

During the course of this brief transit, we might find that some people are oversensitive, taking offense where none was intended. There’s a strong tendency to project our feelings onto others, particularly those to whom we feel closest. Memories surface that inhibit our coming together with others, and unexpressed emotional content affects the way we see and relate to other people. Since creative energies are heightened at this time, perhaps the best course of action is to focus on that aspect and try to limit interpersonal contact until this influence is over.

Full Moon conjunct Saturn

When the Moon makes its monthly visit to Saturn, the energy feels heavy and sad to most people. We feel withdrawn and melancholy, and some people even experience temporary depression. Under this bleak, low-energy mood we aren’t as likely to reach out to others; instead, we focus inwardly. Even if we don’t actually feel lonely, we often feel like being alone. Our burdens feel heavier than usual and nothing seems effective in lightening the mood. We may feel under the thumb of certain authority figures in our lives, or of responsibilities that we find burdensome. The mood is too pessimistic to make effective decisions. The best solution is to simply focus on work and serious subjects. The downtime will soon pass.

Full Moon trine Neptune

This short transit is very subtle but the most sensitive among us will be able feel and utilize the compassionate, intuitive energy it represents. Our spirits are drawn back to the Source for these few hours, so any type of spiritual practice is highly effective now because we can move to that centered, quiet inner place very quickly at this time. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, church services, reverent prayer, even just sitting quietly out in a serene natural setting — any and all of these important but oft-forgotten balms from daily life will help us feed our souls. The escapist urge could be strong for people who don’t recognize the call of the spiritual.

Full Moon conjunct Pluto

There’s a feeling of intensity in the air today as the Moon makes a clandestine meeting with powerful Pluto, bringing old feelings and issues right up to the surface but not quite through it. There’s a lot of unconscious behavior on the part of many people who feel or sense this influence but can’t articulate it, much less direct or utilize it. Possessiveness and obsession are very common reactions. With the right person, sexual passion can be quite mind-blowing now. With other people, control issues are more likely to be the manifestation of this short-lived but potent transit. In a therapeutic situation, great progress can be made in processing deep emotions.

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