Winning Over Any Leo Man: Tips from the Zodiac

Kelli Fox

When it comes to romance, your tastes may be all over the place, or you may have a “type” — a certain build or personality that you’re attracted to again and again. But even within a certain type, there are all kinds of men out there — funny ones and quiet ones; sweet ones and edgy ones; ones looking for fun, and ones looking for a long-term commitment. How should you approach him when your interest is piqued? And once you know there’s chemistry between you, how should you proceed? Instead of trotting out the same old, tired moves, look to his Sun sign for answers. The Zodiac holds the insight you need into appealing to his desire nature and winning his heart.

So you’re interested in a Leo — perhaps the most romantic, dramatic and passionate sign of the Zodiac. Winning his heart may simply be a matter of letting him win yours! When that happens, the whole world will know it by his Lion’s roar of love and devotion. In the meantime, there are many ways to tether the heart of this charismatic man. First and foremost, he needs to know your affection is lasting and real. Leo’s natural confidence is an effective cover for quite a soft, tender heart; if he isn’t sure you return his affection, he could become surprisingly insecure. Of course, playing hard-to-get — at least for a little while — isn’t all bad; it lends a touch of drama that keeps Leo on his toes. Once he’s certain you can match him passion for passion, the true adventure begins.

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