Winning Over Any Cancer Man: Tips from the Zodiac

Kelli Fox

When it comes to romance, your tastes may be all over the place, or you may have a “type” — a certain build or personality that you’re attracted to again and again. But even within a certain type, there are all kinds of men out there — funny ones and quiet ones; sweet ones and edgy ones; ones looking for fun, and ones looking for a long-term commitment. How should you approach him when your interest is piqued? And once you know there’s chemistry between you, how should you proceed? Instead of trotting out the same old, tired moves, look to his Sun sign for answers. The Zodiac holds the insight you need into appealing to his desire nature and winning his heart.

What is Cancer seeking in love? A true, deep and secure connection. Winning the heart of the self-protective Crab could take time and effort, but the reward will be worth it — the devotion of a deeply emotional, hardworking and family-oriented man. Whatever else brings you two together, your relationship should be based, first and foremost, in a bond of trust. Don’t be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve; while he may not be as open in putting his feelings for you into words, he needs to know how you feel, and he needs to trust that you mean it. Over time, you’ll learn to read his emotions in other ways: the love that shines in his eyes, the protective urge that is evident in how he treats you. And when he finally declares his love, you’ll know you’ve won him over for good.

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