Winning Over Any Aquarius Man: Tips from the Zodiac

Kelli Fox

When it comes to romance, your tastes may be all over the place, or you may have a “type” — a certain build or personality that you’re attracted to again and again. But even within a certain type, there are all kinds of men out there — funny ones and quiet ones; sweet ones and edgy ones; ones looking for fun, and ones looking for a long-term commitment. How should you approach him when your interest is piqued? And once you know there’s chemistry between you, how should you proceed? Instead of trotting out the same old, tired moves, look to his Sun sign for answers. The Zodiac holds the insight you need into appealing to his desire nature and winning his heart.

When courting an Aquarius, don’t be afraid to be completely yourself. Toss any standard pickup lines or getting-to-know-you chitchat out the window; instead, go for deeply authentic discussion that fosters a true meeting of the minds. The more of your unique individuality you reveal to the Water Bearer, the more he’ll notice you and appreciate you for exactly who you are. He’s an innovator, after all — someone whose perspective is always focused on improving the world around him. Aquarius seeks a partner in love who shares and supports his commitment to far-reaching yet real-world ideas that promote progress. While he may not be the most sentimental or emotionally expressive lover around, he makes a steadfast and devoted partner whose heart is true. If you can accept him in all his independent, quirky glory, he’ll love you unconditionally.

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