How to Win the Heart of Any Libra Woman

Kelli Fox

If you’re still trotting out tired old pickup lines in an effort to meet the woman of your dreams, it’s time for a new — and far more individualized — approach. After all, what piques a woman’s interest is as singular as her tastes, style and overall personality. But how can you know what might arouse her interest long enough to take a second glance your way? That’s the easy part: Look no further than her Zodiac sign. A woman’s Sun sign reveals the secrets and intricacies of her passionate side, and provides you with guidance regarding the best way to approach her, romance her, and ultimately win her heart. Read about that special woman’s sign to read all about how to make her your own.

A dinner party, a gallery opening, a lively band playing music with a danceable beat — any of these would make an excellent first date to enjoy with a Libra woman, whose outgoing, sociable personality adores a friendly crowd. The sign of the Scales is also all about beauty and balance, so be sure to give your place a good once-over before inviting her home. She’s attracted to style and color, so putting some effort into your outfit and appearance is a must. And brush up on your conversational skills; the Libra woman is an intellectual at heart, but she also shies away from conflict. Instead of challenging her to an intense debate about politics or current events, let her take the lead in conversation, and be sure to let her know that you’re fascinated by her mind, first and foremost.

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