How to Win the Heart of Any Aries Man

Kelli Fox

A popular old saying about love assures us there are plenty of fish in the sea. But just think of all the different types of fish there are! There are fish of different sizes and hues; there are ones with fins and ones with spines; ones that are social and ones that are loners out in the deep, blue sea. Just as people choose their bait, season and time of day according to the type of fish they hope to catch, it’s important to take an individualized approach to catching that sweet, sexy guy you’ve been dreaming of making your own. After all, a one-size-fits-all approach to dating just doesn’t work. If you want to pursue your man, look to his Zodiac sign for the secrets of his desire nature — in essence, your road map toward true love. Read your guy’s sign to read all about how to win his heart.

If you’re lusting after an Aries, you’ll have to play hard-to-get. The term “alpha male” was made to describe the Aries man, a hot-blooded Fire sign who is all about the chase. The impulsive, energetic Ram loves a challenge, yet he also responds well to a bold approach. Surprise him by walking right up and making your desires known; then, after a passionate encounter, keep him guessing by putting a little distance between you. Keep in mind, too, that Aries men don’t deal well with overly clingy or emotional behavior. They prefer a lover who is independent, strong-minded and self-confident, so play up these qualities within yourself. If all this feels too uncomfortably close to game-playing, just know that the Aries male is a confident, passionate and adventurous breed. He seeks a lover who can fuel his fire by matching him head to head.

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