How to Win the Heart of Any Aquarius Woman

Kelli Fox

If you’re still trotting out tired old pickup lines in an effort to meet the woman of your dreams, it’s time for a new — and far more individualized — approach. After all, what piques a woman’s interest is as singular as her tastes, style and overall personality. But how can you know what might arouse her interest long enough to take a second glance your way? That’s the easy part: Look no further than her Zodiac sign. A woman’s Sun sign reveals the secrets and intricacies of her passionate side, and provides you with guidance regarding the best way to approach her, romance her, and ultimately win her heart. Read about that special woman’s sign to read all about how to make her your own.

If you’ve set your sights on an Aquarius woman, get ready for a fascinating, sometimes maddening ride. The sign of the Water Bearer is a true original, and she doesn’t much care whether you find her a bit odd. What does she care about? First and foremost, making the world a better place for all who live here. Her tastes and interests are likely to be unusual, so strike up a conversation about something she’s into and let it follow its own course. Don’t be surprised if you wind up discussing subjects you’ve never explored with anyone else. For date ideas, check out volunteer or charity opportunities, as the Aquarius woman loves community efforts and making a difference. Just don’t be surprised if she’s a bit hard to pin down, especially one on one. Deep, intense emotions aren’t exactly her thing. Still, when she falls for a lover, she’s in it for the long haul. Give her the freedom she needs, and she’ll give you her devotion in return.

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