Wedding Guide for Aquarius

Kelli Fox

There are a variety of ways to personalize your marriage proposal. When planning the perfect proposal you will want to know if she a classic romantic, or if she is spontaneous and unconventional. The whole process can be can be overwhelming, emotional, and even stressful. Will it go off without a hitch? Will it be just as she has always dreamed? Will she say: ‘Yes’?! With this wedding guide you will discover the most auspicious days of the week to propose, proposal ideas, and even a few ideas for the ideal wedding for your sign.

When proposing to an Aquarius, consider her dreamy and offbeat nature. Propose to her while doing something that you normally enjoy together, such as hiking, stargazing, or even at the library. Ideal days of the week to propose to your Aquarius are Sunday and Monday. Aquarius is undemonstrative and eclectic. Plan a low-key wedding in the countryside, or at a park. A turquoise blue color scheme symbolizes peace and this sign’s love of water. The best wedding rings for Aquarius are quirky and chic.

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