Taurus and Love

Kelli Fox

You've had a certain amount of experience in love. Maybe you've been in love before; maybe you've only been in crush. Maybe you've been through a series of relationships, or maybe just one or two.

They may have ended badly, or they may have ended well -- you might even still be friends with your exes. If you look back over your romantic and sexual past, you'll probably see a pattern in terms of the types of people you've been involved with and how the relationships progressed from start to finish.

Of course, even if they're similar, your exes and your crushes are all individuals, bringing their own, unique preferences and issues to the relationship. And you: Even though you're the common denominator among all these affairs, you're constantly changing and growing, and your needs shift, as do your problems, your turn-ons and turn-offs and more.

But what do you bring to the table when you're involved in a love affair? What strengths and challenges do you possess as a partner? In short, what's your love potential?

Dear Taurus, you’re so sweet and stable. Taurus is connected to Venus, the love planet, and you make for a very romantic, considerate and sensual lover. The Bull always remembers birthdays, anniversaries and other important moments, and you’re highly demonstrative with loved ones. When you fall in love, you’re patient and persistent, and do what it takes to win your beloved’s heart! And who could resist the Taurus brand of romance? Fine dining, mellow wine, rich chocolates and other sensual delights. You exude a grounded, earthy sexiness that will sweep your lovers off their feet!

Taurus is looking for someone who is serious when it comes to romance. You aren’t interested in game-playing or casual affairs; you’re in it for the long term, and are looking for a partner who is as dependable and patient as you are. Taurus wants a best friend as well as an ardent lover, and you’ll return that love and generosity tenfold.

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