Taurus and Commitment

Kelli Fox

When it comes to love and commitment, everyone is looking for the same thing, right? Actually, that isn’t entirely true. Aside from the fact that we all have individual needs, our dreams and desires can change from one phase of life to the next. While some of us seek enduring love, others want something a little less binding, and perhaps a little more temporary. Some people seek the fun and spontaneity of dating, while others can hear wedding bells ringing in their ears from the very first “hello.” How does your Zodiac sign feel about long-term, committed love? How about your sweetheart’s sign, or that cutie you’re crushing on? If you’re hoping for lasting love, it helps to know whether your partner is likely to be open to a continually deepening and intimate bond. And if you’re looking for something a little more casual, it’s also handy to know which signs tend to be more open to spontaneous, possibly shorter-term connections. Read on to learn more about your Sun sign’s natural approach to intimacy and commitment in love.

The sign of the Bull is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and is also a Fixed sign — an astrological quality that lends Taurus its natural endurance and follow-through. Together, these influences mean Taurus is built for long-term love. This sign is certainly quite happy being involved in an affectionate relationship that is grounded in mutual trust and loyalty. In fact, the main issue that Taurus has with commitment is its tendency to stick with the status quo through thick and thin, no matter what. While this is a wonderful quality when Taurus is involved in a healthy, harmonious and dynamic relationship, if the love affair is less than functional, Taurus might stay committed simply out of habit or a misplaced sense of duty. This sign might even stay with a lover through betrayal or other types of mistreatment, since the idea of change can be quite daunting — even positive change in the name of growth and health.

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