Is He Into You? Learn the Secret Signals of a Virgo Man

Kelli Fox

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether your crush is crushing back on you. After all, many men are notoriously closed-lipped about their feelings, especially when it comes to affairs of the heart. But if you know his Zodiac sign, you have an important key to understanding not just his personality, but his behavior — and his desire nature. Since each Sun sign expresses attraction in its own ways, every man sends out different, individual signals that are unique to his sign. Read your guy’s sign to unlock the mystery of whether or not he’s into you.

If you’re wondering whether a Virgo man is into you, don’t expect grand displays or passionate declarations of affection — at least, not at first. Virgo is a reserved sign that moves forward slowly and carefully in the game of love. In fact, for this sign, love isn’t a game at all; that’s why Virgo takes it so seriously. He might even seem indecisive about making his move, but it’s just that he wants to get to know you well before proceeding. If he’s interested in you, he’ll show it through his quiet, considerate attention. He’ll be a good listener, not to mention a great sounding board for any issues that might be troubling you, and he’ll always do his best to offer sensible, sensitive advice. The bottom line here is that Virgo is a true and traditional gentleman. If you want to know whether he’s into you, do your best not to push — not right away. In time, he will make his feelings known. And when he does, you’ll know it’s real.

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