Sagittarius in Love

Kelli Fox

We've all heard the theory that you can't truly love someone until you love yourself. It's also safe to say that you can't really know another person until you know yourself. Your Zodiac Sign provides insight not only into your personality, but what kind of lover you make -- and what kind you need. 

The Sun rules your basic personality, the person you are at your core, when all else -- including insecurities, hang-ups and other hindrances -- is stripped away. The Sun lights the fire inside you; it's the energy that burns within. In short, it's the real you. 

And what about that special someone you've got your eye on? Wouldn't you like to know what makes them tick, in love and in life? Check to find out more about who they are and what they're looking for in love. And from there, a world of information is at your fingertips -- from their likes and dislikes on down to their approach to romance and their preferences in the game of love. 

Sagittarius sees the game of love as just that - a fun and lively pastime that can lead to mind-blowing experiences. This is a freedom-loving Sign that won't be pressured into a commitment; the best approach with Sagittarius is to allow things to flow naturally, and simply follow where the experience leads. Sag is all about expanding the mind, and is most attracted to someone who offers something new and previously unconsidered -- a fresh philosophy, perhaps, or an exotic background. Sagittarius definitely likes a taste of the exotic when it comes to passion, and will most likely avoid anything traditional. Instead of dinner and a movie, how about a wilderness trek that ends in a picnic dinner at the top of a mountain? Sounds like just this Sign's style!

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