The Sagittarius Flirting Style

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Before you jump head over heels, get to know the flirting style of the zodiac signs. While most astrology enthusiasts prefer to mingle or flirt with specific signs, others are more free-flowing. Most people are hesitant to ask prospective mates for their birth dates or zodiac signs. Asking this type question can be a major turn-on or turn-off. You should know the common flirtatious characteristics of a sign to spark a romantic flame, or at least temporary fling. This will help you avoid non-compatible individuals, while keeping an eye out for a favorable long-term match.

Flirting Style: Spontaneous and Engaging

As a Sagittarius, your flirting style is predominantly carefree, outrageous, and magnetic. Sagittarius people can be quite dramatic in romantic relationships. During courtship encounters, the Sagittarius is playful and lively, and they usually reel in their prospects with philosophical discussion. It is common for prospects to easily fall in love with Sagittarius people. However, the Sagittarius remains emotionally detached, which can cause some friction. Their flirting style is somewhat direct, but this quality could come across as rude. Sagittarius people thrive on adventure and surprises. Their expansive Jupiter nature causes them to be attractive and irresistible. Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces people are not compatible with Sagittarius'. If you are a Sagittarius person searching for a compatible casual encounter, find a Sagittarius or a Scorpio. Compatible long-term relationship zodiac signs for Sagittarius' include Libra, Gemini, and Leo.

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  1. Jane on October 30, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    They are careless, empty headed heartbreakers. The type that say very interested statements, then cut you off when you get real back. They are cold, superficial, full of themselves and can take all your friends after they take your heart. Biggest bullshitters, and get angry if you don’t find them fascinating. Underneath it all, they are very insecure and therefore impossible to get really close to. Think Frank Sinatra. Don’t date one!

    • Susan on December 27, 2017 at 3:11 pm

      Tsk Jane, obviously you lack sense and I questioned if you ever even dated a Sagittarius. I’ll admit we’re not the most emotional types but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel. Also your friends? Yea those aren’t real friends kid. If they were your friends they would have stayed loyal to you and don’t go prancing around saying that a sag mulipulate them into leaving you or some other load of bull. Not all of us are the same some are more open minded and lively while others are shy and reserved. I suggest you do more research on astrology and stop being ignorant ?

    • Stephanie on May 21, 2018 at 6:18 pm

      Hello, I am a Sagittarius and my boyfriend is a Cancer. When it comes to my flirting, this article is very true. It is very spontaneous. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it until one of my friends tells me to lay off on the flirting. I find most of my relationships don’t last long because i eventually get bored when the spark goes away. As i said before, by boyfriend is a Cancer and there is no signs of that spark or the romance fading. We have been dating for almost a year now. I am very happy in this relationship. I often find myself being best friends with all the boys around me and every week someone new has a crush on me. When people say that we are cold blooded, hard to talk to, insecure, rude, unfriendly… those are all stereotypes. In fact i have never met a Sag in my life that is any of those things.

      • Hari on July 17, 2018 at 6:03 pm

        You both are the worst pair of all Zodiac signs. If you want proof, ask your Cancerian mate when he is asleep or senseless as the Cancer hardly breaks any ones’ heart like a Sagittarius so easily. What the things and feelings Sagittarius take easily and lightly matters a lot to Cancerians. Well, I advise you both to remain dating and don’t venture in to pull it to marriage. You both will suffer if it materialises. Takes my words granted. Life is beautiful. Don’t take spontaneous decisions that influence your lives without much deeper study. May God bless you both.

    • Hari on July 17, 2018 at 5:54 pm

      What you said is 100% true. They are very hardcore. They are emotionless and careless too to true lovers….I mean to their spouses too, funny. They don’t value relations and feelings of near and dear ones. Pity thing is, if the Sagittarius’ spouse happen to be a Cancer, as in my case, the very behaviour of the Sagittarius makes the Cancer’s life worst and useless and not worth living. I don’t venture into their extra-marital relations as it would bring our my suspicion, it is very hard to love and hug a robot. Truly, Cancerians are the opposites of Sagittarius. No one, irrespective of his Zodiac Sign, likes or loves materialless life. And, it is true in my case as I am leading a lifeless life. I know it very well that Cancer-Sagittarius relation is the worst of all Signs but failed to notice it before tying the knot and paying heavily all through till now and will also I know as I am, being a Cancerian, sentimental fool values every damn thing and live for it. Thanking you.

    • Risenrose on August 30, 2018 at 4:23 pm

      OMG yes. I’m facing someone exactly like this right now. Im so confused over her (both of us are bisexual btw) affection towards me. She says I’m exclusive but flirts with everyone else around me. But when I talk to someone more or say someone else is cute or something she gets super jealous. Like I don’t know what she’s thinking. I’ve asked her straight up and she brushes them off as nothing. With me, she says it’s exclusive and I’m special but I really don’t feel it. I can’t seem to understand her at all. And I can see other girls getting very interested in her as well. It’s killing me cos we work together. Urgh

      • Gender_nectar on October 18, 2018 at 6:30 am

        Yeaaah. What Risenrose said. Same. Situation. I’m probably too old to be at this impasse, buut I have a Sag coworker and it feels the same. She has a girlfriend, and yet I feel like we flirt all the time? She gets a little weird when she finds out someone else knows something about me that she doesn’t? I met her girlfriend for the first time recently, and was severely perplexed by her choice: the gf is pretty dead inside! This Sag is so vivacious, warm, and fun, it made no sense. -.- I don’t get it! I’m not meant to? And both my parents are sag’s too!!! ? so confused, maybe it’s cause I’m a hard headed Aries!

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