Predict Your Pisces Guy’s Moods

Kelli Fox

Predicting a man’s moods can be tricky business. After all, some men are quite temperamental, while others are as placid as a pond — although there could be a lot more going on beneath that smooth surface than meets the eye. Similarly, some men broadcast their feelings loud and clear, while others keep theirs hidden due to shyness, self-protection or some other motivation. Thus, whether you know someone well or you’re just beginning to learn about who he is, it can be difficult to know what his mood might be from one day to the next. Fortunately, a great deal of his general disposition can be determined based on his Zodiac sign. Each of the twelve signs has its own personality, which includes its own way of expressing feelings like happiness, anger, love and insecurity. Read about your man’s sign to learn how to predict his mood.

The mood of a Pisces male often depends on the feelings and moods of the people around him. Highly intuitive Pisces is something of an emotional sponge: He taps into others’ emotions and empathizes with them so closely that he often ends up absorbing them into his own heart and consciousness. Thus, when he is in the company of friends who are happy and carefree, his own mood tends to lighten, but when he picks up on someone’s anxiety or sadness, he will quickly begin to feel — and display — these heavier emotions, himself. Generally speaking, however, a Pisces man tends to move through his days in a dreamy, harmonious mood. His high levels of compassion and intuition make him more open than most to listening wholeheartedly to others’ struggles, which is why his own mood can shift from lighthearted to worried, fearful or unhappy. Thus, predicting his mood depends on reading the other people around him to determine what effect their demeanors will have on his.

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