Predict Your Leo Guy’s Moods

Kelli Fox

Predicting a man’s moods can be tricky business. After all, some men are quite temperamental, while others are as placid as a pond — although there could be a lot more going on beneath that smooth surface than meets the eye. Similarly, some men broadcast their feelings loud and clear, while others keep theirs hidden due to shyness, self-protection or some other motivation. Thus, whether you know someone well or you’re just beginning to learn about who he is, it can be difficult to know what his mood might be from one day to the next. Fortunately, a great deal of his general disposition can be determined based on his Zodiac sign. Each of the twelve signs has its own personality, which includes its own way of expressing feelings like happiness, anger, love and insecurity. Read about your man’s sign to learn how to predict his mood.

Whatever a Leo man is feeling, he’s sure to let everyone know about it. After all, Leos tend to be dramatic in their self-expression, so it isn’t usually a mystery how the Lion is feeling or what’s on his mind. Of course, Leo can be prone to temper tantrums — that’s just part of that fiery, demonstrative nature. Good thing he is often in a sunny, warm and expansive mood, ready for good times with good friends. It’s important to remember, though, that Leo men can also feel a bit insecure from time to time — which may be surprising, considering their natural courage and self-confidence. If Leo seems needy, unhappy or uncomfortable, it’s likely that he isn’t feeling confident about your feelings toward him. Some affectionate reassurance, or even outright ego-stroking, will usually do the trick.

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