Predict Your Cancer Guy’s Moods

Kelli Fox

Predicting a man’s moods can be tricky business. After all, some men are quite temperamental, while others are as placid as a pond — although there could be a lot more going on beneath that smooth surface than meets the eye. Similarly, some men broadcast their feelings loud and clear, while others keep theirs hidden due to shyness, self-protection or some other motivation. Thus, whether you know someone well or you’re just beginning to learn about who he is, it can be difficult to know what his mood might be from one day to the next. Fortunately, a great deal of his general disposition can be determined based on his Zodiac sign. Each of the twelve signs has its own personality, which includes its own way of expressing feelings like happiness, anger, love and insecurity. Read about your man’s sign to learn how to predict his mood.

Since Cancer is known as one of the moodiest signs of the Zodiac, it’s not surprising that Cancer men can be rather difficult to read. On the one hand, the sign of the Crab is quite nurturing and emotionally intuitive, so he can be very sweet, gentle and receptive. On the other hand, most Cancers tend to keep their feelings to themselves, protecting them rather than talking about them openly. Cancer can also be rather shy, making it even easier to bottle up his feelings. In fact, he might brood and stew until, like a tightly lidded pot set over a flame, he boils over. The trick with the Crab is to learn to read his emotional signals. When he seems irritable or as if he’s in brooding kind of mood, do your best to coax him into opening up about what’s going on in that complicated mind of his — or gently give him his space until he’s ready to talk.

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