Is a Pisces Man Right for You?

Kelli Fox

When you start dating someone new and promising, he’s probably on his best behavior — but what’s he really like in a committed relationship, once the initial bloom of romance wears off? Without a crystal ball — or an army of honest and talkative exes on your side — it can be hard to tell at first what kind of husband or boyfriend your man might make. But there is hope. Just like buying a new car, when it comes to men, you have to consider carefully what you’re in the market for. Is it that hot, zippy little red number, a roomy, dependable minivan, or maybe the oversized SUV that bellows, “I’m the boss of the highway”? Even if you don’t carry a laminated make-or-break relationship list in your wallet, you can still head into the dating game armed with important information — and all you need is his Sun sign. Knowledge is power. Read your guy’s sign to find out all about what kind of mate he’ll make.

Highly romantic and creative, the Pisces man has the soul of an artist. In his arms, you might feel as if you’re floating on an ocean of love — a mystical and transporting sensation, to be sure, but it can be difficult to get on solid footing with this dreamer. If you share a home, don’t be surprised if things like paying the electricity bill or keeping a stocked refrigerator are simply not on his radar. It’s almost as if your Pisces man is living in an alternate reality, his head firmly in the clouds. On the other hand, his loving connection to you is deeply intuitive in nature, and he tends to be selfless in relationships. In fact, this quality extends to other people, too — he will literally give someone the shirt off his back if he believes they need it. Don’t be surprised if your home becomes a menagerie of stray animals and lost souls who find the sign of the Fish to be a safe, warm harbor. Be careful with this man’s heart, as he holds you up on a pedestal and wants little more than the gift of your love.

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