Is He Right for You?

Kelli Fox

When you start dating someone new and promising, he’s probably on his best behavior — but what’s he really like in a committed relationship, once the initial bloom of romance wears off? Without a crystal ball — or an army of honest and talkative exes on your side — it can be hard to tell at first what kind of husband or boyfriend your man might make. But there is hope. Just like buying a new car, when it comes to men, you have to consider carefully what you’re in the market for. Is it that hot, zippy little red number, a roomy, dependable minivan, or maybe the oversized SUV that bellows, “I’m the boss of the highway”? Even if you don’t carry a laminated make-or-break relationship list in your wallet, you can still head into the dating game armed with important information — and all you need is his Sun sign. Knowledge is power. Read your guy’s sign to find out all about what kind of mate he’ll make.

Aries (March 20th - April 19th)

If you’re involved with an Aries man, don’t expect a sweet, timid, tenderhearted lover. No, Aries tends to be a bit of a hothead. But that’s just part of what makes him so exciting! And while he might have a quick temper, he’s also quick to get over it and move on. Since the Ram adores the chase, he’ll make all the first moves, and the beginning of your relationship is likely to be nothing but fireworks — especially if you play hard-to-get. Once he’s swept you off your feet and that initial rush of excitement has worn off, if he sticks around for more, you’ll know he’s in it for the long haul. This exciting, adventurous man needs constant stimulation, and he’s not much for tedious, day-to-day responsibilities. Besides, as a natural entrepreneur, he’s likely to have an exciting career that requires plenty of time and attention. If you live together, don’t expect him to pick up his dirty socks or keep up with the dishwasher. Do expect, however, a bold, dynamic partner with whom every day is an adventure, and every night is thrilling.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

Your natural, earthy Taurus lover knows all about sensual pleasures, so get ready for daily treats like back rubs and foot massages — and all-night bedroom sessions that bring you both lasting pleasure. That’s right, the Bull’s endurance could wear you out! And he’s likely to be even more focused on your satisfaction than on his own. The Taurus man tends to be hardworking, dependable with a job and good at saving money, though he also loves splurging when he has a little extra cash. Good thing he’ll spend it on you, lavishing you with gourmet dinners and sweet, thoughtful gifts just to let you know he was thinking of you. If you live with your Bull, be forewarned — despite that hardworking nature, he can be a bit lazy. Don’t be surprised if he hits the alarm’s snooze button repeatedly every morning, or if you have to prod him to take the trash out or mow the lawn. On the other hand, this man was made for long-term commitment and romance, and makes excellent husband material. He’s a true family guy, and tends to be a natural with children and pets.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

Silver-tongued Gemini will sweep you off your feet with his fascinating conversation, witty stories and expert flirting skills. Just be forewarned, you may not be the only one he’s chatting up or squiring around town. Gemini's are famous for their diverse interests, and that extends to romance. The sign of the Twins likes to play the field before settling down with just one lover. Still, Gemini can make an excellent long-term partner, as long as you keep the relationship fun, playful and dynamic. You can always count on Gemini to be a captivating conversationalist and a great sounding board when it comes to your relationships, career and other interests. Just don’t be surprised if he isn’t the most sentimental or emotional lover around. Be sure to give him space; as a true intellectual, he lives in his head and may be of two minds about most things. On that note, it can be tough for him to make a decision. If you’re hoping for a proposal, it may take him quite a while to pop the question. In fact, you may end up having to step up and do it yourself.

Cancer (June 21st - July 21st)

The Cancer man isn’t one for casual flings or dating several people at once. He’s much more comfortable with true intimacy and long-term commitment with just one lucky person. If you date for longer than a few months, it’s likely that he can see a future with you. As his lover, you’ll enjoy his nurturing care, including excellent meals — many Cancer men are great cooks — and a protective urge that easily extends to children and pets. This is the man who will walk you to your front door at the end of your first date, and later celebrate moving in together by springing for a top-quality home security system. This family-oriented man makes an extra nurturing and loving partner — as long as he feels safe, appreciated and loved in return. But Cancer men are famously moody. If he feels criticized, insecure or underappreciated, he’ll withdraw into his shell, and it could be quite difficult to draw him out again. Since Cancer is deeply emotional, you’ll see those moods even more if you share a home together. If you can get him to open up about his deep feelings, he’ll be better for it.

Leo (July 22nd - August 21st)

What luck to land a Leo lover! Charismatic, romantic and demonstrative, this man will sweep you off your feet and into overwhelming passion. That’s just how Leo lives his life: full-throttle, with his heart on his sleeve. He can be quite dramatic in how he expresses his emotions. When he’s happy and in love, he’ll shout it to the rooftops while showering you with gifts and adoration. But when he’s feeling hurt — especially if you prick his famous pride — he’s like a lion with a thorn in his paw, indignantly bellowing out his hurt feelings. Yes, Leo men can have a temper, but they make up for it by being so devoted and loving. You may have to give him plenty of ego strokes, but it’s worth it — and besides, you’ll be telling the plain truth. He really is that wonderful. A natural leader, Leo is likely to have a high-powered, demanding career, but he will always make time for the family. If you share a home, get ready to give him more than his fair share of space in the closet and on the bathroom counter. He probably uses more grooming products than you do!

Virgo (August 22nd - September 21st)

You may have to make the first move with your Virgo man; if you leave it up to him, you might wait around forever. Being both naturally shy and rather picky, he can take quite a long time to make up his mind regarding romance and commitment. But once he commits in love, he’ll be your devoted partner for the long haul. Reserved, refined and frugal by nature, Virgo will take you out to dinner someplace classic and respectable, but not outrageously expensive. If you share a home, he’ll keep it neat, clean and organized — and will expect you to do the same. Yes, you’ll have to do your fair share of the chores, since neat-freak Virgo gets anxious when sharing space with a slob. In fact, anxiety can be a real issue for Virgo, so he will appreciate anything you can do to help him stay grounded and relaxed. Also, keep in mind that the Virgo man holds himself and those he cares about to high standards. When he criticizes you, take it as his way of showing you how highly he thinks of you and how much he cares.

Libra (September 22nd - October 22nd)

In love with love, romantic, affectionate Libra might jump into a commitment relatively quickly. After all, he tends to view the world, including you and your relationship, through rose-colored glasses. He also avoids conflict, and will generally try to placate you rather than getting into an argument. In some ways, these are wonderful qualities; Libra is certainly easy to get along with. On paper, he makes the perfect boyfriend: handsome and charming, flowers in hand and stylish gifts on all the right occasions... But his quest for harmony makes him rather indecisive, and when there are real issues you need to discuss, it can be frustrating trying to break through that veneer of pleasant gentility. Besides, there’s something to be said for the occasional fight to clear the air! The Libra man is very social and loves being out on the town. If you’re a homebody, don’t expect him to be happy staying in for long. He needs the social contact and the energy he draws from the crowd. If you share a home, he’s likely to make an excellent roommate, with his excellent taste and ability to create a beautiful, welcoming space.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

The Scorpio man is, in a word, intense. Magnetically attractive, incredibly passionate and deeply emotional, he requires total commitment from his lover, and tends not to be interested in casual affairs. If your relationship continues for any length of time, know that it’s serious. Scorpio likes being in control, and is likely to be highly sexual. His tastes in the bedroom could run toward the kinky side, as he plays around with power dynamics and pushes you to your limits. He is quite devoted in love, but when hurt, he lashes out like the Scorpion that symbolizes his sign. Don’t be surprised if, during an argument, he says ugly things that he doesn’t truly mean. On the plus side, he’ll adore you with his entire soul. He is also hardworking and tends to be good with money. He does have a secretive side, which could be maddening if you’re the type who requires total honesty and transparency in a relationship. You may just have to let him keep his air of mystery, and trust that you’ll benefit from it sometimes, such as when he plans mystery dates or surprise parties in your honor.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 20th)

Happy, expansive and fun-loving, the Sagittarius man possesses the heart of an adventurer. For him, each new day is brimming with possibilities, and his partner in life and love should take care not to burst his bubble. Of course, if you’re in a long-term, committed relationship, reality is sure to intrude at some point, which can be a real buzzkill for this dreamer. If you share a home, you’ll probably have to be the one who stays on top of practical, mundane details like bill payments, cleaning the bathroom and regular trips to the grocery store. Also, be forewarned that your Sagittarius man is a natural flirt. It’s likely to be nothing more than innocent fun, so try not to hold it against him; he can’t help his exuberant, people-loving spirit. As his lover, you can look forward to a colorful life of travel and learning. He might pick up a new hobby every month, and your house could be littered with half-finished projects. If you can provide a grounding influence and help him develop some follow-through, you two will make a great team, as long as you take care not to smother his inner fire.

Capricorn (December 21st - January 18th)

The Capricorn man is all about hard work and building his reputation, so he may not have much extra time for dating and romance. In fact, if you can pull him away from his duties long enough to relax and have some fun, consider it an accomplishment. In the bedroom, he has a strong and earthy sensuality, but again, he may not make time for lovemaking as often as he should. A natural when it comes to commitment, he considers it his duty to provide for the family and household — which, in his mind, translates to long hours at the office or holding multiple jobs in order to keep the money coming in. In case it’s not already clear, Capricorn isn’t one for casual affairs; he’s all about long-term, monogamous relationships, and he takes loyalty and faithfulness very seriously. It’s important for his lover to understand the sign of the Goat’s deep-rooted sense of insecurity. He strives to earn others’ admiration and respect. You’ll do him a service if you can help him see that he is worthy of love and respect as he is, even if he takes a day off every now and again.

Aquarius (January 19th - February 17th)

The fascinating Aquarius man is full of ideas for a new cause or invention — and he’s not just talk, either. He actually has the smarts and follow-through needed to bring his ideas to fruition and make real change in the world. In relationships, Aquarius tends to be rather emotionally aloof, and yet he is quite devoted in a committed love affair. He needs a partner in love who understands this duality — who can trust that his loving feelings are there, even if he doesn’t often express them outwardly. Aquarius seeks out new and unusual experiences, so life with him is sure to be an adventure. Expect fascinating conversations that last all night, not to mention somewhat kinky tastes in the bedroom. He makes a charming, intriguing boyfriend, but since friendship is extremely important to him, he also makes an excellent choice for marriage or a long-term commitment. On that note, don’t be surprised if he’s still good friends with his exes — and trust that if you share a long-term relationship, no matter what ups and downs you might experience, you’ll always have a dedicated friend by your side.

Pisces (February 18th - March 19th)

Highly romantic and creative, the Pisces man has the soul of an artist. In his arms, you might feel as if you’re floating on an ocean of love — a mystical and transporting sensation, to be sure, but it can be difficult to get on solid footing with this dreamer. If you share a home, don’t be surprised if things like paying the electricity bill or keeping a stocked refrigerator are simply not on his radar. It’s almost as if your Pisces man is living in an alternate reality, his head firmly in the clouds. On the other hand, his loving connection to you is deeply intuitive in nature, and he tends to be selfless in relationships. In fact, this quality extends to other people, too — he will literally give someone the shirt off his back if he believes they need it. Don’t be surprised if your home becomes a menagerie of stray animals and lost souls who find the sign of the Fish to be a safe, warm harbor. Be careful with this man’s heart, as he holds you up on a pedestal and wants little more than the gift of your love.

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