Aries and Love

Kelli Fox

You've had a certain amount of experience in love. Maybe you've been in love before; maybe you've only been in crush. Maybe you've been through a series of relationships, or maybe just one or two.

They may have ended badly, or they may have ended well -- you might even still be friends with your exes. If you look back over your romantic and sexual past, you'll probably see a pattern in terms of the types of people you've been involved with and how the relationships progressed from start to finish.

Of course, even if they're similar, your exes and your crushes are all individuals, bringing their own, unique preferences and issues to the relationship. And you: Even though you're the common denominator among all these affairs, you're constantly changing and growing, and your needs shift, as do your problems, your turn-ons and turn-offs and more.

But what do you bring to the table when you're involved in a love affair? What strengths and challenges do you possess as a partner? In short, what's your love potential?

The object of your desires had better watch out, because Aries makes fast, impulsive moves in the game of love! You’re a passionate person who falls hard and fast. You won’t hang back and wait to be approached, but instead will go after what you want with a single-minded intensity. It’s hard for your prey to say no to that kind of persistence! There’s no holding back in romance; someone pursued by you might even feel caught in the crosshairs. You have strong impulses when it comes to courtship, and want to run the show. You’ll set a fast and furious pace, and won’t stop for any obstacle!

You’re looking for someone whose energy can match your own. You want someone who’s willing to jump right into the thick of love, no matter how impractical it may be. But overly emotional types need not apply; you have a fiery energy that burns bright and fast. You need a match who is thick-skinned, who won’t get offended easily and who’s always up for a new thrill.

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