The Aquarius Flirting Style

Kelli Fox

Before you jump head over heels, get to know the flirting style of the zodiac signs. While most astrology enthusiasts prefer to mingle or flirt with specific signs, others are more free-flowing. Most people are hesitant to ask prospective mates for their birth dates or zodiac signs. Asking this type question can be a major turn-on or turn-off. You should know the common flirtatious characteristics of a sign to spark a romantic flame, or at least temporary fling. This will help you avoid non-compatible individuals, while keeping an eye out for a favorable long-term match.

Flirty Style: Unique and Electrifying

As an Aquarius, your flirting style is predominantly charismatic, witty, and brainy. Aquarius people are social beings. They are comfortable flirting with people in social settings. An Aquarius' ideal mate will be personable, liberal, and free spirited. These folks will gravitate towards people that can stimulate their brains. Aquarius people are charismatic; they use body language to catch their prospects attention. These people have a natural knack for mysticism as well. They will use their intuition to find a long-term partner. Aquarius people are not socially awkward, but their unique qualities make them stand out in a crowd. They are very passionate and trustworthy. Aquarius' will not lie to spare someone's feelings. This quality can cause Taurus, Cancer, and Virgo people to run away from them. If you are a Aquarius person searching for a compatible casual encounter, find a Scorpio, Pisces, or Leo. Compatible long-term relationship zodiac signs for Aquarius' include Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

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