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Venus square Jupiter

An Odd Pair

Kelli Fox

If the two of you were pieces of clothing, you'd be a brilliant silk scarf, and your lover a heavy wool muffler. Each has their place in a wardrobe, but they're not so great worn together. Get the picture?

You and your sweetie are an odd pair. You're a social butterfly, a gleeful hedonist, an appreciator of the finer things in life. Your sweetie is more attuned to the intellectual, as well as tangible signposts of financial success. You view your lover as rather stodgy and too wrapped up in matters of the mind, while your lover sees you as impractical and self-indulgent. Who's right? You both are! However, the mismatch in values and interests isn't as difficult to bridge as it seems. The asset you have going for you is that you each temper the other. You help your lover to lighten up and enjoy life, while your lover teaches you how to set goals and reach them. Together, you are each not as one-sided as you are apart; though you must plow through some friction to meet in the middle it is well worth the effort. By learning from each other you will both become better people.

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