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Venus quincunx Uranus

Free Bird

Kelli Fox

Your lover is the ocean, and you're helplessly swept away by the waves. You're usually one to handle your affairs with a light, sure touch. Others may swoon or weep in your wake, but you're the one on top, confident and smiling.

This particular amour, however, has flipped your switch but good. You were drawn to your sweetie right from the start. You ignored your good sense and went too far, too fast. Sometimes you feel helpless in the grip of a towering passion. Yet your lover isn't similarly enthralled. Have you been suspecting infidelity? Do strangers call your house and hang up when you answer? Is your lover absent for unusual lengths of time?You fear all is lost, but is does not have to be so. However, if you wish to stay where you are, you're going to have to work harder than you ever have before. You will not be able to make this lover dance to your tune; instead, you will have to learn how to play it cool and not reveal how affected you are by your lover's foibles. This is a bird who will not sing in your cage -- but let it fly free and it will surely come back to you.

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