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Venus quincunx Mars

One Sided

Kelli Fox

Your love is peerless, deathless, matchless -- at least in your mind. You feel utterly enthralled by your sexy sweetie, and likely became attached very quickly due to feeling an overwhelming amount of physical attraction. Your lover is definitely your type, and you cherish what time is given to you.

Notice the syntax: the time given to you. Not the time you spend together, because in this rather fraught and unequal relationship, you want far more than your partner does. You have been ignoring subtle signals, and it's about to hit home. Notice which of you calls the other more often, which wants to hang on when the other would rather spend some alone time. Essentially, you're a mismatch but this does not have to spell death for your connection. What you're going to have to do is compromise. Discuss what you each want from each other. Is there a way to meet in the middle? If you want your lover bad enough, you'd better find that middle ground. You'll get less than you want, perhaps, but you won't lose everything -- and with the lusty connection you have, that's a lot.

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