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Venus opposite Uranus

You're Hooked

Kelli Fox

La la la, don't you just love to be in love? Yes, indeed you do, sweet one, but this time you sure picked yourself a corker. Impulsive, demanding, emotional, entrancing -- your lover hooked you but good right from the start.

You're like a love junkie looking for a fix, and trembling and aching when you can't make the connection. Unfortunately, a continued supply of the love you crave is far from assured. In fact, the more you cling the more your lover seems to slip clean away, like tomato seeds on a cutting board. You can't get the commitment you crave. And worst of all, you fear you're not the only number in your lover's little black book. Buck up. A love this hot wasn't built to last. Only time will tell whether you've got what it takes to go the distance. All you can do is resist the temptation to cling and complain. Marshall some of that expansive confidence and glitter a little. Catching this particular fly with the honey of your self-assured attractiveness is the surest route to a lasting love that glows instead of burning out.

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