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Venus opposite Neptune

Mist and Fog

Kelli Fox

What secrets lie behind your lover's dreamy, far-off gaze? You have no idea, really, and the mystery drives you mad. It seems so romantic to be attached to such a compelling, enigmatic sweetie.

Someday, you hope, you'll find out all the secrets. But in the meantime, you fill the information void with your fantasies. And therein lies your problem. You're not involved in something solid and real at all; instead you're locked in on a shifting miasma. It's darned sexy, and lots of fun. But it's like mist or fog; when you try to hold on to your lover things slip through your hand and refuse to be captured. Will you ever gain a more solid hold on this relationship? You've simply got to because what you have may start to drift away. You can't get a fix on what your lover's feeling or where you're going -- but to be honest, you've been too busy enjoying the fantasy to try to inject some reality into the setup. Here's your wake-up call: Start examining what you're doing with a more critical eye. There's much yet to come between the two of you and it's time to start facing it like an adult.

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