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Venus opposite Jupiter

Sweet and Harmonious

Kelli Fox

You and your partner have a lot of fun together. Both intelligent, expansive, cheerful, you have many interests in common, and that's a good thing. Together you are a warm, dynamic couple that other people want to be around, just so they can bask on your glow.

However, what outsiders don't see is the somewhat hollow middle beneath your gleaming exterior. You're so busy having fun together, so immersed in enjoying yourselves, that you haven't bothered to dig deep. Have you even discussed what each of you wants from this relationship? What direction you hope to go in, and when? Have you thought about potential conflicts in the way you deal with money, family, faith?You and your sweetie are well placed to move ahead into a fulfilling and lasting relationship. But in order to get there, you're going to have to do some work. Talk about what you want, and listen to what your lover is looking for. Do not ignore what you hear in order to gloss over any potential conflicts; instead, seek compromises. The longevity you seek can be yours provided you are willing to bend just a little.

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