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Uranus square Saturn

Insular Oddballs

Kelli Fox

You and your partner share a sort of cockeyed viewpoint. To be blunt, you're freaks. Oddballs.

A couple of eccentrics, delighted with your break from the mainstream. It's a wonderful thing to feel that 'you and me against the world' spirit, but you've let things go too far. Your relationship has become too intense, too ever-present. There's no space to breathe and grow, just the two of you cocooning inwards into your own little space. It's comfy, at times, but it doesn't leave you an awful lot of wiggle room, you who needs to disrupt and move and do.The solution can be found in turning your attentions on your own goals, respectively. Two such dynamic people as yourselves can't be allowed to stultify. You have things you wish to accomplish, dreams you'd like fulfilled. Try to integrate those dreams into the day-to-day life you have with your partner. If you need more training or education, go for it, while still taking time to schedule in the alone time both of you crave. Support your partner's aims by trying to reach your own -- by this time next year, the two of you will be in a very different place.

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