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Uranus quincunx Venus

Hot and Scorching

Kelli Fox

Passion, hot and scorching, forms the base of your relationship, and it has you in an uproar. You crave your lover at all times, wanting only to get next to that skin, admire that face, kiss those lips. But all is not sweet and easy in your pairing.

There's an awful lot of drama, much of it caused by you. But while other lovers may have rolled over and allowed you to wreak havoc, this is a mate who fights back. You've been treated to some of the same tantrums and demands that you've laid on other people, and -- surprise! -- you don't like taking what you've been known to dish out.The key to surviving these hurdles is to focus on the excitement of your pairing rather than the nastier volatile aspects. Channel the energy you'd spend on fighting on other pursuits -- a sport perhaps, a mutual hobby, or just good old-fashioned snuggling. When a sharp word comes to your lips, stifle it. Instead, give your mate a squeeze and a cuddle and say something sweet instead. Your partner will return every bit of adoration; it falls to you to get things started.

Uranus quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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