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Uranus quincunx Saturn

Always Improving

Kelli Fox

You're a person, not a project. So why does it always seem like your lover wants to improve upon you? Your mate would protest that it's not that you need to be perfect, it's just that you have untapped potential.

You could be so much more than you are! But it's uncomfortable to you to be weighed, measured and categorized like this. You like yourself just fine as you are, and you'd prefer not to have a disapproving partner watching your every move. The scrutiny is intimidating. It makes you want to strike out, to rebel, to hit the road.But though running away instead of hashing out a compromise is your typical M.O., it's a bad idea this time out. Your mate is correct -- you do have potential you're not realizing. In fact, you may not even clearly see the hidden talents and capabilities your lover sees. Why not try for a middle ground? You can make some efforts towards realizing your greatness, if your lover can back off a little. There is a happy medium to be found, and once you strike it, the tension between you and your significant other will cool down.

Uranus quincunx Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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