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Uranus quincunx Mercury

Born Eccentrics

Kelli Fox

For a pair of eccentric people, you two certainly have a hard time finding common ground. You originally connected because of a shared love of the unusual -- you both have a taste for something out of the ordinary. It takes guts to live an eccentric lifestyle, so you respect each other for your boldness, and see a stubborn, resilient streak in each other that you mutually admire.

Yet at the same time you can't connect on a deep level. It feels as if you misunderstand each other, like you both say the wrong thing at the wrong time. It seems like you want to draw closer when your lover wants more space, and vice versa.Things will improve if you focus more closely on what you share rather than what you lack. What is it that makes you happy and carefree -- music? a hobby? your career? Find an interest that you can indulge in together. The energy you work up on your shared hobby will extend to the rest of your life, as you make common friends and share in common experiences. Let the ice melt slowly between you; nothing solid and real was built in a day, and so shoring up your pairing will take time.

Uranus quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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