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Uranus opposite Venus

An Instant Connection

Kelli Fox

You probably still tell your friends stories about how you and your mate hit it off right from the start. 'Love at first sight,' you say, spinning tales about the instant connection you felt, the dizzying chemistry. But you're not as eager to discuss what came next: conflicts, misunderstandings, friction, problems galore.

The problems you face are many and towering. It is likely that one of you -- probably you -- feels less connected than the other, that your lover is pushing you for a commitment and demanding you make promises you'd rather avoid. You may feel as though you're infatuated but not comfortably, deeply in love, and you may even feel that remaining faithful is unlikely.You've grabbed on to a love relationship that's hot and exciting, but not as well-placed for durability. So if you want things to continue, enjoy the sizzling connection between you even as you inject a note of reality into your idyll. Integrate your family and work life into your love life; make space in your day-to-day habits for your lover. There is much to love about the one you've snared; don't waste energy keeping your mate at arm's length when you could be happily in love.

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