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Uranus opposite Sun

Clash of Wills

Kelli Fox

That thunderous noise you hear is the sound of two completely opposite sets of opinion clashing. You value all that is ephemeral and energizing -- freedom, flirtation, independence. There's nothing you like more than waking up in your own bed with time to spend just as you wish and a lover who's willing to roll with the punches and make themselves scarce when you're not in the mood.

But the one you've chosen is not that lover. The Sun in your orbit craves more stability and security. Since you're so mercurial and reckless, stability is in short supply, so your lover resorts to demanding and blustering and ordering rather than simply loving you. You respond to these authoritarian tactics by rebelling further, and the whole thing becomes a great big mess.How to break the cycle? The two of you must come to an agreement as to how much time you'll spend together, and where, and doing what. Your freewheeling ways are over. You simply must learn to adhere to a schedule, even a loose one. Your lover will provide you with the space you need if there is security, so give that back in turn. Your desires are unreasonable. Be willing to put them aside for now.

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