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Uranus opposite Mercury

Forever Yours, Faithfully

Kelli Fox

You're the life of the party, but there's a bit too much partying going on in your relationship. One of you may have been tempted to stray -- and may have given in to that temptation. The other, meanwhile, is bruised and fearful.

The unfaithful partner feels guilty but righteous -- there are reasons for what happened, and they shouldn't be ignored. The other is so busy wallowing in hurt that nothing moves forward.You must break the cycle that's been set up in your partnership. One of you is enjoying playing victim a bit too much. How can you progress when you're living life looking in the rear view mirror. The two of you must resolve to let the past be the past. Discuss why incidents happened, and make agreements about why they won't --can't -- happen again. Meanwhile, rekindle your fire by rediscovering why you were drawn to each other in the first place -- mutual interests, sharp and similar senses of humor, sparkling conversation. That's a lot to distract you from the less spiffy sides of your relationship. By shifting your attentions you can make your problems seem less overwhelming, helping the past stay where it belongs.

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