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Uranus opposite Mars

Simmering Anger

Kelli Fox

If only you could turn down the volume of your relationship a bit, the way you'd turn down a radio. The two of you seem to ignite each other. You each say things that you know will wound and incite the other; you argue and bicker and complain endlessly.

Your home is not a peaceful place; instead it's a battleground. You in particular are chafing under the bonds of your pairing. Your mate would like to stay and fight -- winning is everything to your aggressive partner -- while you're considering just chucking it all and finding an easier lover to tame.But before you head down the road, take a second look. You and your lover share a certain spark, an interest in each other and a zest for life. Your next lover may not hold your attention so intensely, so don't negate this energizing influence. The key is injecting a little calm into the proceedings. Learn the art of compromise. Listen to what your partner wants, and share your own feelings. You both must learn to give a little and let things go if this pairing is to endure.

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