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Uranus opposite Jupiter

You Need Air

Kelli Fox

It's not that you don't adore your lover, it's just that you're craving something new. You feel stifled by the sameness. You can predict every action your lover will take.

Instead of feeling comforting, it bores you to tears. You want adventure -- excitement -- a new set of hands to hold, a new mind to explore. All defensible emotions, but you've allowed your inner thoughts to show. You've become distant, hard to pin down. Your lover's insecurities are tweaked. You're asked to make promises, to confirm commitments, and the obligations are so burdensome you feel like you can't breathe.But hold on there a second, bucko. You're not thinking nearly clearly enough to make such an important decision as severing your connection. A yearning for space and air doesn't mean you want total freedom -- and the next lover you choose will become just as needy with time. Savor what you've got, and give yourself a little downtime through little actions that won't threaten your mate -- a lunch eaten alone, a long shower, a good hike. Just a little bit of space could bring the ease you've been seeking.

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