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Sun square Pluto

A Power Couple

Kelli Fox

Color you green, because you're feeling possessive and ill-tempered. You landed yourself a big fish this time: powerful, magnetic, impressive. Every head turns when you walk in the room with this special someone on your arm, and you like it.

You've been basking in the reflected glow of your sweetheart, no less so because you give off a vibrant, confident sparkle of your own. Truly you are a power couple, a pair others envy. But behind the scenes all is not so sweet. Both you and your sweetie tend to be imperious, fractious, spiteful. Worse, your usual confidence has been shaken by your lover's secretive ways. You can't seem to get your mojo working, you feel out-of-sorts and angry. You may even view your partner's behavior as abusive. The secret to managing this difficult love relationship is to exhibit a little more patience, and a lot more equanimity. Your partner wouldn't need to pull away if you weren't demanding so much reassurance. Become the person you'd like to come home to and your mate will be home more often.

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