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Sun square Mars

Titanic Twosome

Kelli Fox

Of course your relationship has issues! The meeting of two such powerful personalities is bound to strike sparks. Your lover likely excites you like no other.

This force of nature tends to be impulsive and fearless, lusty and straightforward, with a confidence that rivals your own. Together and apart you stride through your lives with a daring that others can only wonder at. When you are united you live a life writ large -- but unfortunately, your conflicts rival your passion. Titanic arguments, friction, a link that always seems to be teetering on self-destruction -- you never heard love was easy, but does it have to be this hard? One of you has to learn to give. You can't struggle over everything or you'll waste your prodigious energies just treading water rather than moving forward. And since you're the more gentle-natured, it's probably going to be you who has to accept what you cannot change. Stop hounding your lover over issues that are mere annoyances instead of true deal-breakers. If you can manage to quell your troublesome quibbling, you and your lover could really have something special.

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