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Sun quincunx Uranus

Potential for Sparks

Kelli Fox

Gotta give you credit: You do mean well. It's just that you generally manage to make a mess out of what you've got. You're never satisfied with what's on your plate; instead you're busy envying others for what they've got.

Not only is your cup half-empty, it's spotted and chipped, too. That being said, your attitude may not be ideal, but your choice of partners is: you've gone and found yourself someone who's just as dedicated to delicious havoc as you are. You and your lover share a strong and sexy connection. One thing you can say about your relationship is that it's never boring.Nonetheless, you'd like to be a bit comfier. You can't always rely on your sweetie to be there when needed, you can't ever relax and speak and act without thinking. But take it on the chin, darling -- you got what you wanted, a relationship that's always in flux and always exciting, even if it's a bit dangerous emotionally. Go with it. Indulge your need for drama and variety, and enjoy the fact that it's your very lack of comfort with your lover that keeps hard-to-please you always interested.

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