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Sun opposite Venus

Discomfort Zone

Kelli Fox

Your love relationship hasn't always been a very comfortable place to be, has it? Fits and sulks, arguments and deadly silences with much left unsaid in the spaces between verbal assaults. You lay the fault for this open warfare at your lover's feet, but think about it: Are you really the kind of mate you'd like to come home to?

Are you sweet and loving or bossy and demanding? Do you long to hold your lover close, or bash a frying pan across their head? At times the going seems so rough that you're tempted to give up. Yet how happy would you be, really, if you lost this relationship that's causing you such strife? There's much to gain if you're willing to do a little work. And the first thing on your to-do list should be an honest look at yourself. Are you dragging baggage from your past into the problems of the present? Are you tweaking your lover's insecurities because of your own? Try analyzing the present in terms of your past, particularly if you're having the feeling that you've been here before. It could be that you're putting far too much energy into problems that'll work out on their own.

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