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Sun opposite Sun

Clash of the Titans

Kelli Fox

You push and your partner pulls, you zig and your lover zags: It seems like balance is hard won in this clash of wills. You may feel as if you're doing all the giving while your so-called sweetie is taking you for all you're worth, sucking up the dinners you cook and the lovin' you dole out with nary a thought to reciprocation. Or you could be on the other end entirely, getting more than you give, which gratifies your ego but can never result in a serene and long-lasting love.On the other hand, all this turmoil is probably winning you some pretty hot canoodling.

Opposites attract, they say, and you're living it. You may find yourself angry and passionate by turn, each emotion inflaming the other. So what's the secret to hanging on to the good stuff while eliminating the vicious battle of wills? Mutual respect is key. You each have to be prepared to give a little -- remember, compromise isn't giving in, it's granting your relationship the oxygen it needs to survive. What's worth more to you, getting your way or keeping your squeeze around? Yeah...thought so. Try to remember that in the heat of battle.

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