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Sun opposite Neptune

Embrace the Chaos

Kelli Fox

Your lover really has you on the seesaw, huh? Up and down, back and forth, you think you know where you're going in the relationship and then you look around and realize you're the only one on the path. Your lover's tough to pin down, and since you're a person who values stability and commitment, it bugs you more than it should.

You wonder darkly what your sweetie is doing when not with you, and it shows. Jealousy is so terribly unbecoming! Particularly when you're dealing with a significant other who's evasive and difficult to read at the best of times. The key to rolling with the ups and downs is your innate confidence. Think about it -- haven't you been the one in charge in most of your relationships? And hasn't it ultimately made you feel contemptuous of lovers who so easily let you roll over them like a juggernaut? So enjoy the fact that you finally found someone who won't march in lockstep with you. You don't always know what to expect from your lover, and that's a good thing! It keeps things exciting, and that's a whole lot of fun. Embrace the chaos and your love will thrive.

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