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Sun opposite Mercury

Out of the Past

Kelli Fox

Has your past leaked into your present? Your troubles with your lover may not be exactly what they seem. You think your beefs are due to your lover's shortcomings, but the strife you're experiencing should be laid at an entirely different door.

Cast your mind back over your relationship with your parents, particularly Daddy. What unresolved issues lie there? How were those relationships similar to the romantic ones you formed as an adult? And most importantly, what patterns did you form as a child that you're unconsciously continuing today?You may feel as though your problems with your lover are too deep to heal, but that's merely an illusion. Your own insecurities are making it impossible to see what truly needs to be done, and in the meantime you're yo-yoing between emotions. Balance and peace are within your grasp. Recognize what you are doing to sabotage the things you truly wish for in your heart. Put your ego aside and accept responsibility for what you've done. Then and only then will you be able to create a love that lasts.

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