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Sun opposite Jupiter

A Bumpy Ride

Kelli Fox

It's time for you to slow down. You've been racing along with too little thought to where you'll ultimately end up. You're so involved with the here and now that you're not thinking enough about things to come.

And you're apt to be ruled by your emotions rather than your intellect, an impetuousness that's affecting your love relationship. You've been mighty hard to live with, haven't you? You're difficult to please, you sulk when you could be making nice, you find fault with your lover when things should be going just fine. Yep, you've really been putting your relationship and your lover under a microscope, but what you really should be examining is yourself. Unresolved issues are what's keeping you dissatisfied. You're repeating a psychodrama from your past, and you're casting your lover in a role of your choosing. It's time to unbend a little. Cast yourself free from your old ways and look at your lover anew. Could be there's a lot there to love if you can just lay off a little.

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