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Saturn square Venus

A Bit Chilly

Kelli Fox

There's a crucial imbalance in your relationship, and it's tearing your partnership to shreds. Sorry to break it to you, but most of the problems can be laid at your door. You've been holding out on your lover, emotionally and physically.

It's not that you're not attracted to your mate -- you chose yourself this sensual social butterfly. That physical attraction and emotional bond was what got you into this relationship. But something's gone awry. You've grown colder. You see your sweetie as begging for crumbs of affection, which you selfishly withhold. What's made you so haughty and dismissive?If you're truly dissatisfied with your pairing, it may be time to tally up your bills and move on. But if there's still a spark there, it's time to investigate why you've turned so chilly. Is it fear -- of being vulnerable, of letting someone know you completely -- that's holding you back? Is it connected to past experiences in which you got the short end of the stick? A little navel-gazing is in order; once you heal your own old wounds you'll have more to give to your yearning significant other.

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