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Saturn square Uranus

A Live Wire

Kelli Fox

You grabbed a live wire when you found this lover, and you're still feeling the effects -- you're electrified, yet stunned. You worry that you can't trust your sweetie. You wonder what your mate is up to when you're not there to watch.

You may even have caught yourself doing a little more snooping than you feel really comfortable with. The problem, of course, lies in the time when you're together, not when you're apart. If things were really great between you, you'd have nothing to worry about. So...are they? Or is your jealousy and insecurity tearing you apart? Do you demand to hear 'I love you' when your mate isn't in the mood to say it? Do you ask for promises that, unwillingly given, can never really be given?Buckle yourself in and enjoy the ride. Your lover will always be apt to shake things up. You can never have the calm security that you think you want. But another name for security is boredom, and you won't have that either. This lover won't settle for another less than passion and zing, and if you choose to hang around, that's just what you'll get.

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