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Saturn quincunx Venus

Inner Longings

Kelli Fox

What a strange dance you and your lover are performing together. Outwardly, you and your sweetie are an odd match -- you're the stolid hard worker, your partner the social butterfly. You disparage each other for your differences.

You complain that your lover's self-indulgent and far too flirty, while your partner sees you as a picky and stern taskmaster. You're both right -- but you're both also focusing only on the obvious. In your secret souls, you are both different than you appear. You crave lightness and fun; your sweetie longs to accomplish. So you see, that's why you're together -- you admire in each other what you lack inwardly.Knowing that, how can you go on bickering as you do? You've been picking your partner apart for so long; things will never improve unless you can drop the criticism and nagging. Try focusing in on your mate's sweeter qualities instead. Notice the kind words, the physical affection, the noble gestures. Let your partner notice you noticing, even as you ignore the stuff that would normally drive you batty. A little tolerance will go a long way towards healing your romantic ailments.

Saturn quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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