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Saturn quincunx Sun

A Curious Pairing

Kelli Fox

You and your lover are a curious pair, all right. But that doesn't mean you're not Meant to Be. It's just that it looks a little strange on paper.

You're all reality and discipline -- the harder something is to work towards, the more you like it. Your lover, on the other hand, tends towards the indulgent in all things: food, drink, work, play. The polarity fascinates you. Never have you found a partner this hedonistic, so attuned towards the physical rather than the intellectual. At first you were so overwhelmed by your feelings that you went along helplessly for the ride; but with a little distance and time you've developed disdain for your mate's way of doing things. You see yourself as the adult, and your lover as a willful, silly child. Your contempt is palpable, and it's no fun to live with. So take another look at your sweetie, and remember that opposites attract. If you can find a middle ground between your serious drive and your partner's lighthearted skip, you'll have something to reckon with indeed: a solid, stable partnership enlivened by laughter and passion. You're the one who can get things started -- don't delay any longer.

Saturn quincunx Sun in the Compatibility Chart

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